Q. What types of desserts do you provide?
A. Custom cakes, Cupcakes, and Cake Pops (Disco Balls)

Q. What additional services do you provide?
A. Consultations, On-site Delivery, On-site Setup, Pickup, Tastings, Stand Rentals
Q.Do you provide special dietary cakes, such as vegan, nut/allergen-free, sugar-free or gluten-free?
A. No. As with all bakery products, cakes may contain, or come into contact with milk, wheat, soy, nuts, cocoa, or other allergens. It is the client's repsonsibilty to communicate this possibility to their guests. Anna Cakes is not reponsible for allergic reactions. 
Q. Do you offer private tastings or open house tastings?
A. Anna Cakes offers private tastings, for first-time clients, by appointment, for orders over $200.00. A tasting is for the purpose of sampling the quality, rather than every flavor offered, but we do try to offer a variety of cake flavors and fillings, at our consultation.
Q. What are your tasting hours?
A. Tastings are normally scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between 3:30pm and 8:30pm (last appointment). Tue/Wed tastings are always complimentary. Off-day tastings (days other than Tue/Wed) and multiple tastings can be scheduled, based on availability, but require a $30.00 reservation fee.
Q. Describe how you price, such as by slice or by tier, for your cakes?
A. Cakes are priced by the slice. Buttercream cakes start at $5.00/serving. Fondant covered cakes (porcelain-smooth finish) start at $6.00/serving. Cupcakes start at $2.75 each, and are sold in groups of 24 -- 1 flavor per 24. Prices increase from there, depending on the intricacy of the design. *Please note custom cakes start at $150.00.
Q. Does the price include the top tier of the wedding cake?
A. Anna Cakes does not charge for the top tier. This is your anniversary cake...our gift to you. Top tiers generally serve 8-12, and are traditionally saved and frozen, to be eaten on your 1 year anniversary. Some, less brave couples, choose to eat their top tier on their 1 month anniversary, or even the following morning with a little Mimosa! :0)
Q. What kind of deposit is required?
A. A 50% deposit is required to hold your date. Your date CANNOT BE HELD without a deposit. All orders under $300.00 are due in-full, at the time of booking. The full balance is due 2 weeks prior to your date. In the event that Anna Cakes does not receive final payment by the due date, the DATE WILL BE RELEASED FOR RE-SALE. A minimum $100.00 re-booking fee will be required to restore date.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. We do. If you prefer to pay your balance in-full at the time of booking, we offer 10% off of your cake base price. *This applies to orders over $300, with more than a month lead time. 

Q. Is the deposit/balance refundable or transferable? 
A. No. Once your date is held, all business is turned away for your spot. Since we take a limited number of orders per week, dates sell out very quickly. Cancellation at any time, will result in forfeiture of initial deposit, and any prepayments. All sales are final.
Q. What if I decide to change my date? 
A. Date transfers are at the sole discretion of Anna Cakes. A minimum $100.00 transfer fee would be required to reserve a new date, and would be based on availability. Credits are good for 1 year from date of purchase. 
Q. Do you offer gift certificates?
A. Yes! Gift certificates can be issued via email, and are good for one year from date of purchase.
Q. What is force majeure?
A. Force majeure meaning "superior force" or "act of God" releases Anna Cakes of obligation if something happens such as a hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire, storm, snow, natural disaster, act of God, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control. If it is necessary to cancel an order due to force majeure, Anna Cakes will hold all deposits/payments toward an alternate date scheduled within twelve (12) months of the original event, based on availability. If the order is not rescheduled within this period, all deposits/payments will be forfeited. No refunds will be granted in this instance. 
Q. Do you offer custom cakes, or do you work with pre-designed styles?
A. We can design something that is unique to you. We can also replicate anything you have a photo of. The inspiration/idea pictures presented by clients are representations. The actual product may vary slightly, based on the designer’s creative interpretation, however the integrity of the overall look will be maintained. If you require an identical match, it is best to bring a photo of our own work.  

Q. On average, how far in advance of the event do you prepare the cake?
A. Usually baking begins the evening prior to the event. As far as we know, we are the ONLY bakery in town to proudly boast this. (Most bake on Monday, or once a month, and FREEZE your cake until ready to decorate) Our buttercream is also made fresh from scratch, the morning of your event. Freshness is of upmost importance.  

Q. How many cakes do you schedule for a typical weekend?
A. We try to limit the number of wedding cakes per weekend to 6. Scheduling too many cakes would not allow for the time and attention to detail that is required, to make each cake a masterpiece. Exceptions can be made in either direction, based on size, complexity, and delivery location.
Q. Will you work with my florist to garnish the cake?
A. Yes. Flower arranging is one of Anna Cakes' specialties. You can coordinate with your florist to leave the flowers you have chosen for your cake. Flower placement is included in your delivery and set-up. Anna Cakes personally designs/arranges all of their cake's fresh flowers. This is a firm policy, held in place because of both health and safety reasons, and artistic integrity. It is our belief that each cake is a work of art, and a direct reflection of our company. Anna Cakes sees each design from start to finish.
Q. What (if any) cake accessories do you rent out?
A. Cake stands are available for rent, based on availability. A $100.00 deposit is required for cake display equipment. Your deposit is refunded, minus a $50.00 rental charge. Items are due the Tuesday following the event. Failure to return items by due date will result in forfeiture of initial deposit. Refunds are processed all at once, at the end of each calendar month. Please allow up to 30 days to receive your stand rental deposit.
Q. Do you offer delivery? If yes, how much is your average delivery fee?
A. Delivery cost is based on mileage and travel time. Most local deliveries are $50.00. Our delivery charge includes cake set-up, flower placement, and table decoration. Client will provide all non-edible decor items required.
Q. Do you offer dummy (fake) cakes or sheet cakes to save on cost?
A. Yes. We love this option as a way to save. Dummy cakes are styrofoam cakes, iced and decorated just as a real cake would be. The top tier remains real, for cutting purposes. After the cake cutting ceremony, your caterer will whisk the dummy cake away, and cut up the sheet cakes, (or "kitchen cakes") kept in the kitchen. Your guests are served the slices of sheet cake, and no one knows the difference. :0) Dummy cakes are 1/2 of what the real cake would cost. Pricing is based on the design, and size. Kitchen cakes are non-decorated, buttercream-iced, and come in 2 sizes. 50 slices = $75.00. 100 slices = $150.00
Q. What if my cake is damaged?
A. Anna Cakes is not responsible for the cake beyond the point of acceptable delivery or pick-up. It is the client's responsibility to provide a secure environment for the cake. Cakes are extremely fragile, and ultra sensitive to vibration and temperature. (Ideal room temperature is 65*-70*) Cake should not be moved once it is assembled. It is best to set the cake table away from guest "traffic", as table bumps can compromise the structural integrity of the cake. Please be cautious, and keep young children away from the cake display. 
Q. Can I order my wedding cake from you, and a groom's cake or sheet cake from someone else?
A. No. This is a quality control issue. Since we cannot guarantee the quality of someone else's work, we have a strict policy against the mixing of cake vendors, including cupcakes. The cake is all cut and served in the end, and there is no differentiating what slice came from whom. If someone was to get sick, or simply not enjoy the taste/look of the secondary vendor's cake, they would not necessarily know that it wasn't provided by the same company that you hired to create your wedding cake. We recommend that if you have a family member, friend, or other preferred bakery in mind, that you serve their cake at the rehearsal dinner, the night before. :0)
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